About Bonito:                                                               

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About Bonito:

Bonito is a town located to the south of the Pantanal, namely in Serra da Bodoquena region. It is 280 km far from Campo Grande, the state capital. Rivers and lakes with incredibly transparent waters ideal for scuba diving, impressive caves and rock formations attract both Brazilian and overseas tourists.

This vast wetland, located in the central-western part of Brazil, is one of the world's greatest wildlife preserves with spectacular canyons and waterfalls. The search for environmental and cultural education permeates a great part of these places.
   The riversī crystal-clear waters, waterfalls that conceal caves, caverns and untouched nature. This is what is called Bonito-an exciting adventure!
One can choose a hotel according to his needs. Bonito has simple restaurants where traditional fish dishes are being served. Beware! There are few banks in the city. With all its natural attractions, Bonito has adopted a certain visitation system to protect the environment.

Almost all the rivers, lakes, caves and forests are private properties and can be visited only with intermediation of authorized tourist agencies and with specialized guides. Even a maximum number of tourists per day has been established lately.

As we have a lot of tourist attractions, we will describe some of the most required.
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The ECOLOGICAL TOUR operates as a database in Bonito, arranging all the tours and the transportation to them, creating groups to make the strolls even more pleasant ( cheaper transportation) and to know other people, maybe, new friends - Good Atmosphere !

Visitans need to stay for 6 days, go get to know everywhere.

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Where to stay: Aguas de Bonito Pousada Hotel

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